Two Great Danes attack
on Perkiomen Trail!

Public information @
Pennsylvania's unified judicial system webportal 
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Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County
Docket number: CP-46-SA-0001016-2010

Magisterial District Courts (Montgomery)

Docket numbers and court office numbers
NT-0000195-10, MDJ-38-1-02 
NT-0000222-10, MDJ-38-2-02

May 28, 2010
A Huge
Thanks to NBC Philadelphia
a very special thanks to the man who identifed the owner and dogs!

scroll down for pictures of the dogs involved in incident(s)

NBC Philadelphia 5/27/10 & 5/28/10 @ 11pm
Clink on these links to see NBC 10 videos:

The same night this information was aired, a professional great dane dog handler recognized  these dogs and supplied owner information. 

Also the same night the story ran, my husband was contacted by another owner with a very similar experience.  Their story aired the next evening.